5 fragrances to attract men

Published: 22nd November 2005
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Wouldn't it be lovely if you could simply put a dash of perfume on yourself and men will be held spellbound by you? You can be Pied Piper of Hamelin with men following you wherever you go.

Well, let me tell you what fragrance attracts men and get the desired attention you crave. You will no longer be the ugly duckling. All the men will want to chat with you and want your companionship. You will be the limelight of the party or wherever you go.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and South India. Men simply love this scent. Cinnamon is considered to be a aphrodisiac. It is similar to our own sexual secretion or pheromones. I read that just a drop of Cinnamon oil rubbed onto your genitals produces powerful sex stimulation. Not sure how safe that is though as you should never ever put any pure essential oil there. It would be far safer to put a few drops of cinnamon oil in the bath instead and soak in its fragrance. Research studies from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that men were attracted by the scent of cinnamon in the presence of aroma of baked food. Cinnamon has been used since biblical times as a perfume. There is an episode in the Parables where the seductress lured her prey to a bed filled with Cinnamon. What accounts for Cinnamon's attractive scent? The distinctive odour comes cinnemaldehyde a yellowish oily liquid which is released when the cinnamon bark is crushed. There are other chemical components that contribute to cinnamons's complex aroma such as eugenol (clove), cineole (eucalyptus) and linalol (lily of the valley)


2. Vanilla

Vanilla is a very versatile plant. It can be drunk , eaten and smelled. It is an aphrodisiac. It has a sensual aroma that reminds one of fresh food in the kitchen.It's an ingredient in sultry, exotic, and mysterious Oriental fragrances.As early as 1762 Bezaar Zimmermann wrote that "No fewer than 342 impotent men, by drinking vanilla decoctions, had changed into astonishing lovers of at least as many women." Currently, vanilla is popular as a fragrance from body care, candles to air freshener. Neurologist Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago conducted a test to understand the impact of smell upon sexual arousal. He discovered the smell which arouses mature men the most was vanilla smell.


3. Lavender

The Lavender plant contains 180 constituents. The perfume industry describes its scent as green, hay like sweetness and fruity. Some studies shows that scent of lavender to be the most arousing to men and may be useful against impotence. Since ancient times, Lavender has been associated with love and romance. Cleopatra used the seductive powers of lavender to seduce Julius Caeser and Mark Anthony. In more recent times lavender is placed under the bed of newlyweds to ensure hot passion.

4. Frankincense and 5. Myrrh

Frankincense grows as small trees or shrubs which are found in Southern Arabian countries like Yemen and Oman as well as in Northeast Africa ( Somalia). Its resin contain chemicals which is virtually identical to our own sexual secretion. The aroma from Frankincense stimulates the senses and heighten your senses. It enhances communication between the lovers. It supports your respiratory and digestive system and has skin healing properties too. Frankincense is also used in Chinese medicine to internally stimulate the stomach and promote digestion.

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Lisa on September 13, 2011 said:
I do not like the smell of lavender so will not try that but the cinnamon oil i did try in the bath and got a lot more attention than usual, maybe this is the solution I have been waiting for! There are also perfumes you can buy which are made to attract men.

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